Success Stories

Breakthrough Coaching Inc. Testimonials

Lauren Barthen – President, Kodo Kids – Broomfield, CO

“We first hired Zia Maria to provide personal executive coaching. As we began to work together, Zia quickly was able to detect breakdowns throughout our company which was affecting our productivity,

effectiveness, and our company culture. She helped us to identify these breakdowns and formulate strategies to overcome so we could focus on having breakthroughs as a company. Zia helped us implement effective communication strategies; stronger reporting structures, and has helped develop leadership among all layers of management. Her hiring support also allowed us to add key members to our team, all while working to deepen the executive team’s leadership.

Zia’s ability to guide us through these changes has led us to become a stronger, more supportive team. Her support has been instrumental in the company’s progress and development over the past 18 months. We are now able to meet the challenges of a rapidly growing company with a positive outlook and excitement for the possibility! We are happy to consider Zia part of the Kodo team. ”

President Kodo Kids, Laruen Barthen


Jacqueline Chan, D.OJacqueline Chan, D.O. – CLEAR Center of Health – Mill Valley, CA

“Hiring Breakthrough Coaching with Zia and Anne was the best thing that happened to our clinic in the past 4 years that I’ve been here. In several months I had doubled my practice and the clinic was running smoothly – I actually felt I had more free time and was working with more ease.

Zia worked like a detective or good diagnostician. She literally took the pulse, blood pressure and weight of our clinic by interviewing everyone, coming in and observing, going through the system as a patient, and talking to members of the community.

She tackled the most painful emotionally upsetting pink elephants in the room with maturity and skill that no one else had had the courage to address. As a result we became closer to each other as a clinic, cooperative and learned good leadership skills such as how to make clear requests from one another and to come up with our own inspired mission statement as a group.

As my personal coach Zia held me ruthlessly accountable, this is what I needed. I felt I could hold her in confidence. She was a cheerleader for my “better side” and let it be known when my own personal gremlins of fear were up. I felt I could lean on her for support and trust that she had both my best interest in mind as well as that of the whole clinics.

Zia has the skill level needed to see the big picture, believe in the best outcome and hold others to their truth while increasing the bottom line is that of a mature, well-seasoned coach.”


Michael Putman, DC – Fibromyalgia Back Center – Roseville, CA

“I have been in practice since 1994 and have been to many practice management seminars, and have spent tens of thousands of dollars on “coaches”. Breakthrough Coaching has been, without a doubt, the best investment I have ever made in business management.

Anne and Zia have a totally unique, personal approach to business growth. Instead of giving us some canned procedures to increase business, they dug deep into the “defaults” which exist in each of personally as well as in our business. These are the aspects of who we are that can limit our success both professionally and personally. But they didn’t stop at identifying these weaknesses; they encouraged and facilitated us to address them head on, and then held us accountable. The overall effect of this type of coaching is truly transformational at an organic level.

Our business grew; in fact it doubled, in a down economy. We changed some procedures, introduced new ones, worked on our communication both internally and with our clients, and it worked!

I think the main difference between Breakthrough Coaching and every other business coach we’ve ever used is that they got to know us, each of us – owners, management and employees, and helped us grow first as individuals, and then as a business. New procedures helped, but I have changed procedures many times in the past without results like this.

The difference now is that Anne & Zia are constantly helping work through the blockages that come from inside of us, so that we can grow on many different levels. It’s a wonderful feeling to see your business grow, and the people who are part of it grow with it!

Thanks Anne & Zia”


Anthony J. Oberti

Anthony J. Oberti, D.C. – Twin Creeks Chiropractic – Roseville CA

“I have been in practice for 7 years and I have tried numerous “big-name” management/coaches. I literally spent thousands of dollars, and unfortunately had no results to speak of.

One year ago I joined Breakthrough Coaching, and without a doubt, it has been the single best thing I have ever done for my business. In less than one year, my practice doubled.

Breakthrough Coaching has not only changed my practice, but it has changed my life. I would never be where I am today without their help, and in what is a so-called “Depressed Economy”, my business continues to grow and flourish. I can’t thank Anne and Zia enough . . . and neither can my family”


Charlotte-Massey,-N.D.Charlotte Massey, N.D., MSAOM – Bozeman, MT

“I have been working with Breakthrough Coaching (BTC) for over a year now and I am completely thrilled at how their coaching has not only impacted my practice, but my overall life.

In the first three months of working with Breakthrough Coaching, I doubled my practice while working at a large, integrative medical clinic in California. I then chose to relocate to Montana with my husband. While that would be a challenging choice for most doctors to make, with the help of Zia, I have made a successful transition to a new state and a new practice!

The main difference between BTC and other consulting companies is that they got to know me and how I tick. Rather than providing me with generic suggestions, they helped me to make deeper changes within myself and stood by me every step of the way. This approach has helped me to continue to meet my professional goals while quickly building a new practice, and more importantly, I’ve also created a much more satisfying and balanced life with their guidance.

I highly recommend Breakthrough Coaching if you want to create a dream life for yourself!”



More From Our Clients!

Mark Bachelder – Owner – Bachelder & Associates

“Expect a rapid payback on your investment. I was able to double my team’s production, and I actually increased the time I spend with my family. Don’t wait—give yourself this experience. It’s totally worth it!”

Stephen Granat – President – Marin Screen Printing & Embroidery

“Zia’s no-nonsense approach has had a dramatic impact on the success of my business. We are now aware of and dealing with the blocks that were in the way of our team’s performance.”

Daniel Yohman – Founder – Yohman, Parker, Kern & Nard

“We started our law firm with a staff of five. We have just moved into a new office building with a flourishing and thriving staff of 40! We are regarded as the number one law firm in our field and we attribute our success to the ongoing coaching, guidance, and planning we receive from Breakthrough Coaching, Inc.”

Nikki Ragsdale – Principal – One Source Graphics, Ltd.

“Every time we meet, I walk away from the coaching session with a clear direction, and the inspiration necessary to include ‘myself’ in my priorities.”

Lee Waxman – Marketing Operations Manager – Xerox Corporation

“Zia’s straightforward and action oriented approach is refreshing and really effective. I have been able to reduce my hours at work without sacrificing my performance.”

Ann Tavenner – Recruiter

“The coaching has helped me to integrate my career into my life in a way that has truly given me a life worth living.”