Our Team

Zia Maria, Founder, CEO

Zia was one of the first individuals in the state of California over 30 years ago to provide business and management coaching to people who are dedicated to achieving unprecedented results.  With her background as a professional athlete and coach she has dedicated her life to blending the two worlds of health and business.  She has become an expert in the Alternative Healthcare profession and is committed to   providing doctors with the necessary business tools and strategies to operate thriving practices.  She has been instrumental in utilizing her prior experience with fortune 500 companies and bringing it into the small business arena providing the leadership and substance needed for many start up clinics and businesses.

An entrepreneur by nature, Zia directed several non-profit organizations and established three successful businesses, including a company dedicated to enhanced work/life balance, before founding Breakthrough Coaching, Inc. Her skill in leading organizations through difficult change is manifested by her ability to foster relationships with her clients that promote trust, empowerment, and teamwork. She is an accomplished public speaker and facilitator who has inspired and trained thousands of business leaders throughout the country.

Zia currently resides in San Rafael, CA and Denver CO, and her daughter Jessica is in her third year at Oregon University.


Anne Lague Zorich, Lead Consultant

Lead Consultant, Breakthrough Coaching brings a passion for working with Alternative healthcare practioners which arose from her experience as a founder of a chiropractic clinic with her husband. The clinic began as a family based practice with 3 employees and grew to a large thriving practice with 16 employees grossing $2 million a year. Anne brings her clients the lessons she learned in 18 years of growing a practice, and now coaches to help others create clinics with strong foundations in business and exceptional customer service.

Anne has learned that a growing, thriving business is built on the continued commitment to building leadership and communication skills within each business owner.  Anne’s work has a dynamic impact on removing barriers that are impeding the business performance by focusing on the foundational aspects first.  This approach creates a clarity for individuals to move forward powerfully in reaching goals that they have set for themselves and their businesses.


Chiara Zani, Consultant

Chiara ZaniChiara Zani has been an innovative business owner and at the same time has been coaching individuals, teaching meditation, and facilitating self-help workshops since 1993. 

She received extensive training in business planning, as well as in primal therapy, stress management, various meditation practices and individual counseling in the 1990s, and since then practiced in the US, Central and South America.

Chiara’s talent is supporting people to find clarity, to connect with their creativity in the work/professional area and embrace the courage to manifest vision, projects, as well as to implement changes in life that are sometimes necessary for success. Because of her background in self-help and meditation, she finds it important to complement inspiration, creativity and action with personal balance, loving appreciation for oneself and for others, especially in the area of family and close relationships.

Chiara speaks fluent Spanish and Italian, in addition to English. She currently offers personal counseling and coaching in the Denver/Boulder, Colorado area and via Zoom, internationally.  


Shar Gracelyn, Consultant

Shar BTC Website CropShar started her career in commercial real estate, land development, and syndication in Tucson, Arizona, working with the Howard Hughes estate holdings.  She moved to California to work for a land syndication company in property acquisition.  Through many years of working with high-level business executives, Shar developed a deep understanding of the critical success factors in generating wealth.

The focus of her life then turned inward and, after years of intense training, Shar is now the Director of Program Development for an international, nonprofit, meditation center.  She leads transformational seminars and workshops around the world.   As a result of her training, experience, and personal development, Shar has the keen ability to help people identify and realize their deepest personal goals and achieve profound breakthroughs in their lives.

In her coaching, Shar works with businesses to build strong, successful teamwork through sound communication, motivation, and inspiration, while holding firmly to the underlying belief that the whole is only as strong as each individual part.  She works with each business professional to not only set goals and a structure for success in the workplace but also to establish a depth of awareness of purpose leading to a sound balance between work and personal life.

Shar has two sons in their mid 20’s who live and work in Boulder, Colorado at a very successful company owned by her eldest son Jeffrey.  As a mother Shar raised her sons to follow their dreams and live as individuals outside of the box.

Shar currently lives in Denver, Colorado where she has joined Breakthrough Coaching Inc., as well as continuing to lead transformational seminars and workshops.


Desirée Luth, Consultant

Desirée LuthDesiree specializes in organizational and strategic coaching. Since 2010, she has coached in a wide spectrum of industries. But no matter the business or industry, she always points to alignment of vision, mission, goals, strategy and execution as keys to a company’s success.  

After receiving her bachelor’s degree from California Institute of the Arts, Desirée went on to build a 15-year career in marketing as a consultant for The Walt Disney Company, Universal Pictures and other Fortune 500 companies.

She later moved from Los Angeles to San Diego, CA where she managed the publishing division of an international non-profit.

Her move to Denver in 2010 was the start of her coaching career in which she has brought together her experience in both corporate and non-profits, to help business leaders and their teams set their visions, develop strategies, overcome challenges, and grow thriving businesses.

Her coaching clients have included tech start-ups, chiropractors, lawyers, architects, yoga gurus, healers, authors, organizing experts, therapists and more.

Desiree loves learning and challenging herself. She lives in Denver, CO where she meditates, practices yoga and never gets tired of the sunshine and mountain views.


Bruce Williamson, Consultant

Bruce Williamson

Bruce is an entrepreneur and Apple Certified Support Professional, as well as a trained mediator and personal growth facilitator. He holds a BA in Communications from Western Washington University.

Bruce is no stranger to the demands of owning and managing a business. His 12 years as founding partner of Infoasis, an Apple consulting company that serviced small and medium-sized business in the San Francisco Bay Area, as well as consulting work he has done for Sprint, Chevron and Lawrence Livermore Labs, has made him keenly aware of the these challenges and the impact they can have on all areas of our life. He believes a truly successful life can only be achieved through clear goals and a strong work-life balance.

Even the brightest and most talented among us can find themselves feeling stuck and blocked at times, and unable to move forward toward our goals. Bruce understands this and with calm, clear awareness helps us identify and remove those blocks so we can make positive changes, and take the steps that will lead us to live our full potential and build our ideal life.