Life Coaching


We support our clients in achieving goals both big and small—whether it’s deciding on a new career, developing intimate relationships, enhancing self-confidence, improving communication patterns, making more money, learning how to play to your full potential, or just being more fulfilled in your daily life.

A Life Coach is in your corner; a partner supporting you in making clear what’s important and then lining up your life with purpose to bring it all to fruition. At Breakthrough Coaching, we can help you to move through what’s been stopping you in life by focusing on one or more areas that you want to take to a deeper level, and powerfully create the future you’re Committed to.

[typography font=”Cantarell” size=”24″ size_format=”px” color=”#388c9d”]AREAS OF LIFE COACHING[/typography]

  • Starting a new career — Developing a clear and fulfilling life purpose.
  • Creating an abundance mentality — Develop a financial plan.
  • Finding a life partner and/or allowing true intimacy into your life.
  • Enhancing your self-confidence — Finding your voice.
  • Setting clear boundaries — Handling conflict with clarity and certainty.
  • Develop your leadership so you can fulfill on your vision.
  • Creating a breakthrough in your well-being.
  • Losing weight — Loving your body.
  • Starting a meditation practice — Developing your spirituality.

Making personal and professional transitions can be confronting and
challenging. Have you ever wondered what it would be like to work with a coach?
Give us a call for a free consultation so we can walk you through the possibilities.

Don’t wait—it’s your life and your dreams at stake!