Soulful Business Strategies


Meditation, as we teach it, creates a more positive, satisfying, fulfilling business culture that encourages employee investment in and contribution to the company.

Our approach is actively engaging on a personal level unique to each company and each employee. We encourage people to stay on a journey of active, inner exploration to discover new and deeper connections to oneself, to others, to the place of business, and to the world leading to more passion, inspiration, creativity and contribution in the workplace.

If you want to attract and retain top-notch employees, you will need to wake up and understand what’s important to them. They want more than a good salary, they want to end the segmentation and separation in their lives. They are not willing to drudge through the day at a stagnant workplace. They want to feed their souls with meaning:

  • A sense of community that embraces love, care, and respect for each individual and for the company as a whole
  • A vital balance of stimulating hard work integrated with mindfulness and no excess stress
  • Health in mind, body, and spirit
  • A sense of being in alignment with the evolving consciousness of the world and making a contribution


  • Sustains passion, inspiration, creativity and contribution in the workplace
  • Fosters innovation and investment by dispelling negative thoughts and limiting beliefs.
  • Creates rapid change and progress by identifying obstacles to engagement and progress and teaches tools to overcome those obstacles.
  • Improves efficiency, attention, and productivity.
  • Helps employees access higher intelligence and creativity.
  • Develops emotional intelligence and intuition.
  • Embraces interpersonal interest, teamwork, and cooperative activities by dealing with self-centeredness, lack of empathy, and inability to hear suggestions and correction from others.
  • Decreases stress, drama, conflict, and distractibility through the release of stuck feelings and emotions.
  • Promotes health, calm, and focus by allowing people to move their bodies and become more present.
  • Increases well-being and foster emotional balance.
  • Brings people together in a spirit of oneness and unity of purpose.
  • Ushers in practices that, in an uplifting manner, address areas of conflict and sustain positivity and connection in the workplace.


  • Employees actively engaged and invested in the success of their business through its evolution, transformation, and growth.
  • Businesses supporting and investing in their employees for their personal and professional growth, well-being, and workplace satisfaction.


  • We integrate consciousness programs and meditation practices into the workday routine, unifying work goals with life goals.
  • We help people become more aware of and identify what is blocking them personally and creating breakdowns for the business.
  • We provide the tools and practices to work through these obstacles in a cooperative, positive, and self-perpetuating way.
  • We provide constructive ways to deal with stress and distraction so the employees and business can stay focused on achieving their goals.