Our Philosophy

Our Methodology For Achieving Breakthroughs:

Breakthroughs happen because of a change in the overall way that our relationship with the world lives inside of old patterns. In other words, being at the effect of something. Our options are only to fix, resist, change, etc., and we have no access to the full range available to us in being human—no power, no access to breakthroughs.

Breakthroughs require going beyond the figural, beyond the reasonable, beyond the domain in which we “know.” We can’t muck around with context with the same set of tools we use to deal with content.

What is “context” or “story”?

A person’s context is the unconscious mindset or conclusion from which they operate. It is shaped by their personal experience (e.g., childhood events, family beliefs, education and social conditioning) and the character of their organization (e.g., its culture, values, traditions and past leadership).



Only through an honest and thorough examination of context/fundamental story is one able to reveal current (and possibly ineffective) behavioral patterns, then replace them with a new set of sustainable behaviors that release them from old limiting behaviors. When things aren’t working or we want a breakthrough, it’s the context, not the content, that’s the game changer.

We filter what we see through a somewhat distorting lens of past experience, language, tradition. Information that has the force of history or just the force of habit. Those frameworks/ways of operating in business drastically skew our view of things. We say to our selves, “I know better, why am I doing this again… It just doesn’t serve me or my business”. Something keeps us in these destructive and ineffective behaviors/habits.

Operating at a contextual level puts us entirely at another level of effectiveness and creativity, and requires a different set of tools. From that awareness comes a fundamental shift that leaves people able to powerfully access their own possibilities and those of others. This shift is the single most powerful attribute of our Breakthrough Methodology. Clients develop a new ability to think and act beyond existing views and limits—in their personal and professional lives relationships.


Some content taken from Myth Busting—Context Is the Game Changer

By Manal Maurice/Institute for women’s leadership