Strategic Planning

Strategic Planning for Business Teams

Zia Maria and Anne Zorich are engaging and inspirational speakers able to connect on many levels with a variety of audiences.  They move clients to rethink their status quo, inspiring them to stretch their boundaries into new possibilities. Partnering with you throughout the planning process to ensure that the workshop supports your strategic priorities.

Creating breakthroughs in leveraging your business and retaining exceptional leaders. The single biggest key to achieving your strategic business objectives is quality leadership. Baseline your current leadership through our proven critical success technology.

Our team will work with you to develop a customized leadership training plan to unravel the key areas holding you back. Gain insightful leadership training to take your team to the next level of financial and innovation results.

We will set your team, small business or business up to clearly identify the important values, culture, and overall mission statement that clearly represents your business.

Participant Benefits:

  • Articulate clearly the” Why” of your business mission. Answering the most the important question. Why should customers should choice your service?
  • Deal productively and creatively with overwhelm
  • Explore the impact of mood, emotions, in your business, and the impact of employee morale.
  • Development business strategies with an immediate impact
  • The ability to make a clear assessment of what is working, what is not working, and what is missing for your business
  • To diagnose the health of your organization or your talent development, hiring, firing, and employee job review and incentive programs
  • Detailed strategic plan to effectively manage your business initiatives for the 1-3-5 years.

Target Audience:

  • Association Conferences and Meetings
  • Executive Leadership Development Programs
  • Corporate Women’s
  • Leadership Retreats and Summits
  • Leaders and Employees Professional Coaching