Marketing Your Brand Identity


Healing the World!

Session 2: Marketing your Brand Identity

Value is not in the service it is in the assessment of the patient receiving your service; it is in the “eye of the beholder”. The world is changing and what people care about in their health care needs is also changing. It is imperative that you stay up to date on what is current with your patients and continue to educate and market yourself to meet their changing needs.

This webinar is designed for healthcare practitioners who want to learn how to have a breakthrough in short-term results while also creating a more viable future than you may have thought was possible. You will receive practical tips and tools to create your own unique brand identity and clearly differentiate yourself from other healthcare providers.

YOU are the service, therefore YOU are the brand.

  • Do you have a personal brand identity?
  • What is your brand saying to your patients?
  • How does your brand differentiate you from others?
  • Do you even have a brand?

Of course you do! Make sure it is the brand you want and will help to grow your practice.

This webinar will teach practitioners to define a personal brand identity to ensure utilization of personal areas of strength and passion so you can be set apart and deliver highly sought after, personalized patient care. You will then learn how to take your new brand identity and be coached on how to effectively market yourself to prospective patients. Content will explore the cycle of patient communication and teach you how you can increase referral and retention for sustainable success.

Breakthrough Coaching, Inc. has a proven track record of dealing with the obstacles in the way of optimal performance and growth. Clients report a rapid payback on their investment with an average increased revenue of 20 percent. Consultants provide objectivity, experienced insight, and cutting edge tools to assist you in overcoming challenges you may be facing and ensures that you have a well established set of tools, guidelines and effective processes to build and sustain a successful practice.

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