Creating Sustainability with Alliances


Healing the World!

Session 3: Creating Sustainability through Strong Alliances

Building alliances and networks of people to collaborate with are leadership skills for building a thriving practice. Your possibilities for sustainability and growth are generated from and bounded by your allies, partners and networks. You may have an amazing service to offer and adding the collaboration of a few key fundamental alliances and resources may be just what you need to further the success of your practice.

To begin exploration of alliances and networks, answer the questions below.

  • What relationships and alliances are you creating?
  • Who or what would add power to your professional network?
  • Are your alliances adding value and opening up new possibilities for you?

This webinar is designed for healthcare practitioners who want to learn how to identify, establish and nourish the right partnerships to:

  • Increase retention and referral business
  • Spread good gossip about you and your practice
  • Inform you on current business and health trends, research and resources
  • Learn from others, exchange ideas and brainstorm to build your practice
  • Expand your influence and reputation and become an ally for others

Breakthrough Coaching, Inc. has a proven track record of dealing with the obstacles in the way of optimal performance and growth. Clients report a rapid payback on their investment with an average increased revenue of 20 percent. Consultants provide objectivity, experienced insight, and cutting edge tools to assist you in overcoming challenges you may be facing and ensures that you have a well established set of tools, guidelines and effective processes to build and sustain a successful practice.

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