Breakthrough Coaching, Inc. is dedicated to providing excellence in coaching and consulting to executives and business owners. Who are committed to their success and to growing teams that operate from a vision that motivates it staff to peak performance. Learning how to operate from the “Zone”!

Breakthrough Coaching, Inc. teaches individuals the core competencies and business skills necessary to lead and navigate successful businesses teams. A step-by-step approach to increase your net profit!.

Breakthrough Coaching, Inc. is a stand for all of our clients to be successful and to live with dignity, experiencing personal and financial wealth without sacrificing their well being or their overall work/life balance. You deserve to thrive as a result of your commitment and passion for what you care about. It is time to walk away from fear and overwhelm!

With Breakthrough Coaching, Inc. your vision is achievable!

We believe developing the capabilities of your team is the foundation for achieving greater success in business. We teach business owners how to efficiently communicate with their employees creating an atmosphere of trust and accountability. A key value we provide is in coaching teams to work together without resentments and withheld communications that create an environment where employees can flourish.

Our consultants will help you to build a strong team that produce a substantial increase in sales .The average increase in sales reported from our clients is 20%. We blend this with clear goods lines of communication, mutual understanding, and shared commitments to form clear and aligned teams. We partner with you to develop and sustain your vision which is essential to ensure that your business will perform to its utmost no matter what challenges it faces

Let us provide the bridge between your intentions and actions which will bring your vision to reality!