Vision For Your Practice

Thomas Edison said, “Good fortune is what happens when opportunity meets with planning.” He was right since many physicians are too busy trying to heal the world one patient at a time, they simply do not find the time to successfully plan for the future. Over 87% of doctors in the United States are claiming to be down on average by more than 20%. Physicians today are dealing with the great unknown – the uncertainty of the role of the government, insurance companies, and the constantly changing healthcare environment. Practices can choose to stay the course or plan for it by setting a direction. On average, almost 90% of new businesses fail within the first three years. Practices that establish a strategic plan will greatly increase their probability of achieving success.

In building a plan you are creating a map into the future, a map of commitments to be fulfilled by you and your team. A COMMITMENT to improving your practice is in direct alignment with enhancing patient care. Careful PLANNING ensures that you are centered so that patients can receive your full attention which enhances your effectiveness and patient results.

Everything starts with an overriding VISION for your practice. Your vision then translates into a specific MISSION for your practice. This is where you will innovate and design a thriving practice which is a result of your passion for what you do.

  • Define a practice management strategy with a clear structure for achieving goals
  • Increase capacity to help patients by clearly defining accountabilities
  • Learn how to implement effective practice management protocols and procedures
  • Balance quality of life with the business of healthcare

Breakthrough Coaching, Inc. has a proven track record of dealing with the obstacles in the way of optimal performance and growth. Clients report a rapid payback on their investment with an average increased revenue of 20 percent. Consultants provide objectivity, experienced insight, and cutting-edge tools to assist you in overcoming challenges you may be facing and ensures that you have a well-established set of tools, guidelines and effective processes to build and sustain a successful practice.